We are Committed to Poland's Energy Security

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Over 70% share of coal in energy generation.

72 coal-fired units and lignite quarries.


The National Energy Security Agency (Polish acronym: NABE) is a key player in accelerating Poland's energy transition.

Once coal assets have been transferred to NABE, it will be much better positioned to acquire finance for huge green energy projects and shorten the deployment process. This will help accelerate Poland’s energy transition towards low- and zero-emission sources.

Major NABE Goals

Accelerate Energy Transition

NABE is the key instrument and vehicle of a successful government energy transition programme in Poland. By maintaining underlying stable coal capacities, the country will accelerate the development of renewable energy sources by energy groups.

Enable RES Finance

Financial institutions are reluctant to cooperate with entities that own coal assets. This makes it more difficult and more expensive to obtain financing for new investments, including in RES. The transfer of coal assets to NABE will make it easier and faster for energy companies to obtain financing for new investments in renewable energy sources.

Ensure Energy Security

Polish coal-fired power stations use almost 100 % of the raw material extracted from domestic lignite and hard coal mines, thus guaranteeing independence from supplies from other countries, including Russia. Coal-fired power stations integrated within NABE will stabilise the energy system based on weather-dependent RES until nuclear energy and energy stories capacities are developed in Poland.

Consolidate Assets

The concentration of coal assets in NABE will help simplify management and increase flexibility. This will accelerate the just energy transition as part of Poland's Energy Policy.

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The separation of coal assets from energy companies and the creation of NABE is planned for late 2022/early 2023.



The launch of NABE will have a fundamental impact on the Polish energy system and the mining sector, and will guarantee stable energy supplies to consumers.